Bringing ambitious women together

with inspiring mentors

WAI Mentorship

With WAI Mentorship we are bringing together ambitious and curious women with experienced and inspiring mentors who can share their valuable guidance, support, and feedback for learning and growing in the AI field.

Registration for the first wave of our mentorship program is now closed.

Mentors and mentees

Our mentorship program is divided into two groups.

1 - Early careers


Women in the beginning of their career: graduates, young professionals, new joiners in Tech / AI industries. They need to have between 0-10 years of experience.


Developing soft skills and setting career and personal growth goals to move up in the field of AI.

2 - Leadership


Women who just moved to the leadership positions or are already in management and leadership roles. They need to have between 10-15 years of experience.


Nurturing personal and professional goals and growth in AI / Tech field.

What does it take to become a mentor?

Helping mentees learn and grow in AI will take up only one hour a week of your time. Are you willing and able to spend more time on our program? Feel free to let us know. Read our blog to learn more about the benefits of being a mentor.

Some of the amazing mentors we had

The program

To ensure the best possible experience both for mentors and mentees we carefully curate the program. This means we select and match mentors and mentees using various criteria. To ensure a successful start, we onboard our participants and provide them with ongoing support (feedback sessions, online check-ins) throughout the program.

Benefits of being a mentor in an AI mentorship program

Date coming soon

The start of the new wave of our mentorship program will be announced soon.

The process

What can you expect? Below the steps you will follow if you join our mentorship program.

Registering for our mentorship program is done with our online registration form (registrations currently closed). Attendance of the kick-off is mandatory for enrollment. Registration fees for mentees apply.

During the kick-off the onboarding for mentor and mentee groups will start. This will consist of express meet-ups and additional networking.

We will arrange the matching of mentors and mentees based on various criteria.

Start of the mentoring relationship.

There will be centrally organized and facilitated online calls, cross learning and feedback sharing and so-called WAI ‘learning bites’.

Celebration of the end of the program where there is an opportunity to learn, give feedback and network.

Meet our mentorship program team

Anna Brueva​

Program lead

Yana Spotar

Mentorship Program Manager

Cagla Sozen

Mentorship Program Manager

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