WAI NL Summit: Learning more about the amazing work of our top 5 award nominees

On a -still relatively sunny- Tuesday on October the 10th the first annual Women in AI NL Summit started. This official event at Equals in Amsterdam was the inspirational moment our WAI Award nominees were presented. Together with a group of interested visitors we announced the top 5 nominees from all our award categories!

Building AI for the right reasons

With this Summit we provided a stage for the numerous amazing women that contribute to the AI field. On stage they got to share the steps they took for their groundbreaking contributions to AI. During the inspirational presentations we heard more about the latest research, innovative applications and technologies, data-efficiency and deleting biases.

Work and education

During the presentations of our WAI Award nominees various significant themes at the intersection of AI, data, and practical applications were addressed. Like emphasizing the need to bridge the gap between academic research and real-world implementation and empowering both students and businesses with transformative AI strategies. We took a deep dive into the potential of AI to enhance work-life balance and learned more about the ways you can drive efficient data management through reinforcement learning. All interesting subject that can enhance businesses and our working environment.

"Building AI is not just about building it right, but building it for the right reasons"

The issues we face as a society

There are many issues that have a big effect on our society. Like, the challenges in multilingual data evaluation. The role of AI was highlighted when we discussed how to improve translations and promote gender-fair language technologies. How can AI help to create solutions for the problems we might encounter in today’s society? For instance, can it help to develop predictive models for natural disaster management? Furthermore, our amazing nominees shed light on the vital applications of AI in healthcare and customer research, emphasizing the importance of continuous data updates to avoid biases and enhance team performance.

Our WAI Award nominees are passionate and determined in their pursuit of advancing AI. And even though their amazing work left the audience in awe, so many of these inspiring women felt imposter syndrome. Their incredible work should definitely be noticed! At Women in AI we strive for more recognition of these amazing women that are making a difference in a still very male dominated industry.

The winners will be announced on the 9th of February 2024 at the WAI Gala. More information about the Gala will follow soon..