WAI Benelux AWARDS 2025

Celebrating inspiring women in AI in the Benelux region

About the WAI Awards

The Women in AI (WAI) Awards is a global initiative that celebrates the remarkable contributions of women in Artificial Intelligence. The Women in AI Benelux chapter is in search of BeNeLux-based female innovators in the AI field that need to be put in the spotlight! The Women in AI community, together with our partners, is committed to supporting and celebrating excellence among women in AI. This prestigious recognition has helped many women gain credibility and exposure within the BeNeLux region. By showcasing these inspiring role models, the WAI Awards promote gender diversity and foster a more inclusive and innovative AI community.

Women in AI 2024 Award winners

Award Categories

 At the WAI Awards we will distribute 6 awards to accomplished women in AI in the Benelux. Each category has their own requirements. See below for more details about each award category and the requirements that are involved.

A woman conducting research that has an impact on the future of AI and is willing to contribute with her expertise and personality to lead the future of AI.


• Currently working on research within AI and has reached a proof of concept level.
• Research publications in peer-reviewed renowned journals and conferences.
• Associated with an establishment in Belgium, Netherlands, and/or Luxembourg.

A woman pioneering in the field of AI by building an early-stage startup to lead the industry in the Benelux.


• An early stage startup – having raised pre-seed, seed, or series A.
• Founded or co-founded by a woman.
• Company’s activity and core value proposition based on AI technologies.
• Have an MVP or industrialized product or at least one client.
• Registered in the Belgium, Netherlands, and/or Luxembourg

A woman in the early stage of her career or research with an outstanding contribution in working on AI research, product or practice.


• Women between 15-29 years old.
• Significant contribution towards AI research, product, or practice.
• Is a student, or in early stage career or research in the field of AI.
• Associated with an establishment in Belgium, Netherlands, and/or Luxembourg.

A woman who has the potential to change the world through their contribution to make AI more diverse, equitable and inclusive. A technology leader in AI, who has made significant strides towards making AI better for minority, underrepresented, and marginalized groups.


• Significant contribution towards driving innovation or bringing in change to make AI more diverse, equitable and inclusive in AI policy making, product or systems.
• Providing innovative solutions or proposals to reduce gaps in your country within the AI ecosystem.
• Associated with an establishment in Belgium, Netherlands, and/or Luxembourg

A woman who is making a sustainable impact with AI technology by considering the long-term consequences of AI systems. An impact maker ensures the systems used will contribute to positive environmental outcomes.


• Significant contribution towards making a long-term impact with AI technology by considering the environment
• Is commitment to practice responsible decision-making in terms of sustainability, throughout the entire AI development lifecycle
• Associated with an establishment in Belgium, Netherlands, and/or Luxembourg

A woman leader, innovator, and visionary who is pioneering and adopting responsible and ethical applications in AI. She is promoting and contributing trustworthy, accessible, inclusive, and unbiased AI systems.


• Promoting or applying responsible use of AI.
• Initiative includes innovation, design, or technological advancement aimed at bringing transparency, fairness and trust in the development of AI systems or products.
• Working to define responsible AI with practical tools and proposals in explainability, data rights, privacy or security.
• Associated with an establishment in Belgium, Netherlands, and/or Luxembourg

Nomination Process

Have you been inspired by a women in the AI community lately? Or see a rising star in your AI team? Do you want to nominate yourself for the WAI Awards? Great! Nominate the inspiring women in your network that you think should be showcased in the WAI Awards. Check out the nomination process below. Anyone can nominate someone or themselves. 

Step-by-Step Guide

1. Check Eligibility: Ensure the nominee meets the specific criteria for one of the award categories.

2. Prepare Nomination Materials: Gather all required information, including the nominee’s achievements, impact, and contributions in the AI field.

3. Complete the Nomination Form: Fill out the online nomination form below with the nominee’s details and your reasons for nominating them.

4. Submit the Nomination: Submit the completed form before the nomination deadline.

Who to qualifies as a Nominee

Candidates  who are working, leading, creating or demonstrating innovation in AI in one of the following sectors in Belgium, Netherlands, and/or Luxembourg: 


June 3
Nominations Open
Nominations Open

June 3, 2024 - October 4, 2024

Nominations are open for anyone in the WAI community or wider AI community to nominate an inspiring woman in their network who should be recognized in the WAI Awards. Nominees will be notified throughout this period to fill our a nominee application to collect more information for judging.

October 11
Top 5 Nominees Announced

October 21, 2024

The WAI NL Team and the winners from the WAI Awards will review all applications of the nominees. Upon careful review, we will select 5 nominees per category that we feel represent the award. The nominees will be notified before October 21.

October 21
WAI Summit

November 14, 2024

The Top 5 Nominees of each category will be able to present their work in a panel or keynote format to the broader community. Nominees can showcase the incredible work they are doing. Community voting will occur, and the results will be shared with a jury for their insights.

November 14
Sub Label
Top 3 Nominees Announced

November 21, 2024

After the WAI Summit, a jury of the WAI NL Advisory Board will review candidates' applications, insights from the Summit, and community voting results to help select the top 3 nominees per category. The top 3 nominees will be notified and receive a free "All Access" ticket to the WAI Gala.

November 21
Sub Label
WAI Gala

February 7th, 2025

A final jury with the WAI Awards partners will decide the winners of each award category in early January. At the WAI Gala, we will announce the winners of each Award. 

7 February
Sub Label
Role Model Campaign

February 15th & March 8th, 2025

The Awards winners will receive a photoshoot at Equal Clubhouse on February 15th. The photos will then be displayed in select cities on bus stop banners as part of Equal's Role Model campaign which launches on March 8th as part of International Women's Month.

Upcoming Events

Presenting the Women in AI Award nominees at the Summit

At the Women in AI Summit we will share the 35 ai-mazing women that are making an impact in the Benelux. As part of the Women in AI Awards, the Summit brings the top 5 nominees of our 6 award categories on to the stage. Prepare to learn about the insights and work our Researchers, Diversity Leaders, Responsible AI Leaders, Young Professionals, Entrepreneurs, and Impact Makers do.

A spectacular Gala will be held on Friday the 7th of February. The event is open to the entire community for dinner, dancing, and to announce the winners and finalists of the WAI Awards. Attendees will include leaders and influencers from the industry. With a mix of academia, government, prominent AI thought-leaders, AI enthusiasts, venture capitalists and AI startups. Tickets go on sale in November.

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Partnering with the WAI Awards is a great way to show your commitment to supporting women as essential stakeholders in the development of emerging technologies, from data scientists to business leaders. It gives you the opportunity to engage and network with 500+ industry, government and academic leaders and influencers. By partnering with the WAI Awards you are able to connect with investors, founders, AI thought leaders, venture capitalists and entrepreneurs.

Would you like to partner with the WAI Awards? 

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