The power of community

At Women in AI, we believe in the power of our community, based on mutual support, caring, and sharing. This way we hope to bring awareness, inspire and educate next generations. Women in AI has grown into a powerful community with more than 8.000 members (and counting) in 140 countries and our team in The Netherlands is still growing. This powerful group of volunteers are actively changing the role of women and minorities in AI.

Meet our AI-mazing volunteers

“In WAI, I see an active community that is eager to grow and develop themselves in a personal and professional areas.”

Anna Brueva

Mentor Program Lead

“We’re still in the forefront of the AI journey so if we don’t have that diverse voice now, it’s goint to impact us later on.”

Oliviana Bailey


“We can create better and more inclusive AI that reflects the diversity of the people it serves.”

Jacqueline van Arkel

Operations Manager

Silvia Grosso

Event Manager

“My main objective is to help empower other women, and inspire the next generation of female AI professionals.”

Jana Wilhelmus

Head of Marketing

Karen Harriss

Head of Commercial

Women in AI team member Shunyao Yu

” The mission of WAI deeply aligns with what I truly believe, highlighting the importance of fostering a responsible and inclusive dialogue in AI, while actively working to increase female representation and participation. “

Shunyao Yu

Marketing Lead

"In an era where artificial intelligence is rapidly transforming every aspect of our lives, it is crucial to foster diversity and inclusion within this revolutionary field."

Zdenka de Booij

Social Media Associate

Danya Mawed from Women in AI

“With a background in computer engineering and data science, I aim to both enhance my skills and contribute to the community.”

Danya Mawed

Operations Manager

Aoibhinn Reddington

Circle Program Lead

Ingrid van Heuven van Staereling from Women in AI

“We shouldn’t be thinking about IF we want AI to be part of our world. We have to think about what world we bring AI into.”

Ana Gagua

The Hague Circle Lead

Natasha Govender

Activate Program Lead

“I want to help provide women in AI with the opportunities for networking, education and fellowship that are so helpful for a rewarding work life.”

Esther van den Berg

Circle Co-Lead

Delfina Echavarria

Social Media Associate

Julia Kuzmicheva

Accelerate Program Lead

Women in AI team member Domnica Predescu

“Working alongside motivated women, who all strive to achieve more equality in the field of AI is very empowering to me!”

Domnica-Elena Predescu

Program Marketing Manager

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