In the Spotlight - Meet Garima Gupta

At Women in AI we’d like to inspire others by featuring female role models that are making a difference in AI. We aim to empower women who are working in AI by highlighting their success stories. This way we hope to inspire other women and girls to get into STEM-related fields. In our series ‘In the Spotlight’ we shine a light on an expert in the field and today we’d like you to meet Garima Gupta.

Women in AI - Garima Gupta in the Spotlight

Who is Garima Gupta?

Garima is a transformation champion with over 18 years of corporate career. She specializes in organizational restructuring to achieve high performance through profitable growth, accelerated innovation, organizational agility, and operational excellence. Garima does this all by using data, analytics, data science & machine learning and artificial intelligence. “I believe in fostering diversity & inclusion, data driven decision making, ethical leadership, change management, resilience & long term vision with measurable business impact.” -Garima explains to us.

Bringing Transformative Solutions to Companies

Garima is a trailblazing AI diversity leader based in the Netherlands, whose remarkable contributions have transcended boundaries in the world of technology and artificial intelligence. With a profound commitment to diversity and inclusion, she has harnessed the power of cutting-edge technologies to drive positive change in multiple industries like banking, insurance, healthcare, travel, tech, CX and more. “I believe my visionary approach blends GenAI, Blockchain, Web3, RPA, and AI innovations to create transformative solutions for companies across various sectors.” Her pioneering solutions have not only optimized operational efficiency but have also paved the way for new and innovative use cases. “It brings substantial benefits to businesses, better customer experience and satisfaction of work to employees.” 

She’s all about driving business success: “The impact of my work goes beyond mere technological advancements.” Garima explains how her initiatives have resulted in remarkable business benefits, with a staggering $100 million in added value to her own organizations. This is done by way of productivity gains, cost reduction, and new business wins. “By introducing cutting-edge technologies and reimagining processes, I have helped organizations thrive in an ever-evolving landscape.” -Garima explains enthusiastically.


But her commitment to diversity doesn’t stop at technology. They have also demonstrated exceptional leadership in fostering inclusivity by spearheading upskilling & training programs within her organizations, WNS Global Services and Teleperformance. This was aimed at training for new age skills like AI, Machine Learning, Data Science, Data and Analytics, etc. The initiatives she takes have empowered numerous individuals, providing them with the skills and knowledge needed to excel in the rapidly evolving data, analytics, AI and larger tech-driven world. She considers herself a catalyst for change. “My journey as an AI diversity leader is marked by resilience, vision, and a passion for making a difference.” Her efforts in promoting diversity, equity, and inclusion in the Netherlands and beyond have set an inspiring example for the tech industry. This definitely underlines the profound impact that a dedicated leader can have on shaping the future of AI and technology. And she looks further than her current efforts. “As we look to the future, I continue to be a beacon of hope, leading the charge towards a more inclusive and innovative world, where the possibilities of AI are harnessed for the benefit of all.”

“My work as an AI diversity leader has a profound impact by fostering diversity, driving innovation, supporting business growth, empowering individuals, and promoting ethical AI development.”

Combining both Economic and Societal Goals

Needless to say, her work as an AI diversity leader makes a significant impact on both the field of AI and the world at large in several key ways. “My commitment to diversity and inclusion in AI ensures that underrepresented voices and perspectives are heard and valued in the development of AI technologies.” This, in turn, leads to AI systems that are more fair, ethical, and representative of the diverse populations they serve. “By harnessing cutting-edge technologies like GenAI, Blockchain, Web3, RPA, and AI, I have created innovative solutions that solve complex problems across various industries.” Some of the examples she gives are: Faster insurance claims resolutions, credit approvals, healthcare diagnosis & clinical trials and travel offering personalisations. “These solutions not only drive efficiency but also open new possibilities for businesses to thrive.” The business benefits she offers demonstrates how AI-driven solutions can be a catalyst for growth and transformation. This not only boosts the profitability of companies but also contributes to economic development.

The greatest part is that Garima doesn’t shy away when it comes to sharing this knowledge: “My dedication to training and upskilling programs empowers individuals within organizations, making them more competitive in the job market.” This way she strengthens the workforce and enhances employability, which eventually aligns very much with broader societal goals. “We have 5000 employees in the Netherlands and 100,000+ in Europe and EMEA in general. My training programs have helped up-skilling our employees and created diversity & equality.” While doing so, she puts emphasis on responsible AI and the avoidance of bias in AI systems. This way she ensures that technology is developed ethically, avoiding harm and discrimination against marginalized communities. Although she is an AI diversity leader in the Netherlands, her work contributes to the global conversation around diversity, equity, and inclusion in AI. “My influence extends beyond national borders, potentially shaping the direction of AI development worldwide.”

Garima’s commitment to diversity and inclusion is not a short-term endeavor, but a long-term strategy. This way she ensures that the positive effects of my work will continue to be felt in the AI field and the world for years to come. “My work as an AI diversity leader has a profound impact by fostering diversity, driving innovation, supporting business growth, empowering individuals, and promoting ethical AI development.” These contributions not only shape the future of AI, but also contribute to a more inclusive and equitable world.

Creating Equal Opportunities

“I have been an equal opportunity leader in my career.” Garima has always gunned for 50:50 ratio for women and men in the workplace. To create more opportunity & support for women in my field, she has created mentorship programs where she creates an ecosystem of offerings mentorship to women who are interested in AI, Data and Analytics. She helps them with navigating their careers and overcoming challenges. But also networking plays a big part in creating equal opportunities. So she actively encourages women in her company to join AI professional networks and creates programs for growth opportunities. “I have advocated for policies and practices that ensure equal opportunities for women in my company and industry at large.” 

By offering training, workshops and collaborating on projects she gives practical hands-on experiences on AI to those who did not originally work in the field. But it doesn’t stop at the current professionals, she is also passionate about future generation of professionals. That’s why she also offers scholarships to underprivileged students and interns so they can study AI and progress in this area to make a career. Garima is all about sharing knowledge and resources with educational institutions within the industry: “So they can work on actual life examples and data to experiment and learn AI, tools and techniques.” She encourages others to unlock their potential in AI. “Your ideas, creativity and perspective are invaluable to shaping the future. Dive in and lead the way!”

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