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AI in Government: Navigating the Regulatory and Ethical Landscape Join us in the Hague for an insightful panel discussion on how government organizations are navigating the complex regulatory and ethical landscape and what we can learn from it. This event will bring together experts to share their experiences, challenges, and best practices in integrating AI […]

Women in AI Circle Event - Eindhoven

We are thrilled to share that WAI Netherlands’ Circle Events are expanding their reach to Eindhoven! Join us on the 21st of May at 17:00. The first Women in AI Eindhoven Circle will take place on the 21st of May, followed by a WAI Eindhoven circle every 2 months. Register now and secure your spot […]

Circle Den Haag - April 2024

We are thrilled to share that WAI Netherlands’ Circle Events are expanding their reach to Den Haag! Join us on the 18th of April at 17:30. For our Den Haag Circles, we plan to introduce you to women who are pioneering in: *Know someone who would be a perfect fit for our upcoming Den Haag […]

AI and Supervision Immerse yourself in the captivating realm of data protection and artificial intelligence at our exclusive event. From the pivotal role of the Dutch Data Protection Authority (AP) in overseeing the GDPR to its emerging role as a coordinating algorithm supervisor, discover the dynamics of this critical institution. Additionally, delve into what the […]

The EU AI Act Explained. Designed to make sure Artificial Intelligence (AI) is used safely and ethically across Europe, the EU AI Act like a rulebook for AI development and use. AI is a powerful tool, but it can also be risky. What’s the EU Act all about, and what do you need to know? […]

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Practical MLOps: best practices and an interactive example with UbiOpsAfter tackling some MLOps best practices and common pitfalls, we will walk through an interactive example together. In this hands-on workshop, you’ll learn how to deploy and run Stable Diffusion with the UbiOps platform. UbiOps is a serverless platform for AI & ML models, built to […]

This event is all about Leading AI teams. Let’s explore AI leadership and delve into strategies for fostering environments where teams thrive. Join us at our WAI Circle where we will welcome accomplished women in AI who are not only steering AI teams towards innovation and excellence but also championing effectiveness, efficiency, inclusivity, and psychological […]