Women in AI - Emma Gilpin in the Spotlight

For our new Spotlight, we’d like to introduce Emma Gilpin, an experienced designer from South Africa with a passion for gamification and AI! Emma has made significant contributions to the creative industry by integrating AI into UX workflow, making creative’s lives easier and more productive.

Women in AI - Garima Gupta in the Spotlight

We're excited to introduce Garima Gupta, a transformation champion and AI diversity leader! With over 18 years in the corporate world, Garima has made significant strides in organizational restructuring, innovation, and operational excellence using AI and data analytics. Garima's innovative approach combines GenAI, Blockchain, Web3, and AI to create transformative solutions across various sectors.

Women in AI - Niya Stoimenova in the Spotlight

Niya Stoimenova is a trailblazer making waves in the field of AI. With a PhD from TU Delft focused on common-sense reasoning, Niya now leads DEUS.ai's efforts in Responsible AI & Strategic Foresight. Niya's groundbreaking research on abductive reasoning and AI alignment is pivotal in creating more ethical and reliable AI systems. Discover how Niya drives meaningful AI development and advocates for diverse, independent research.

Women in AI - Bettina Wittmann in the Spotlight

Meet Bettina Wittmann, a preeminent strategist in digital marketing who aims to shape the minds of the next generation of AI leaders through her groundbreaking, award-winning course.

Women in AI - Willy Tadema in the Spotlight

Meet Willy Tadema, an AI ethics lead and civil servant. Willy tries to contribute to this from within the government, while looking outward. She does this not with a theoretical, but a practical view. Read her story.

Women in AI -Samar Morshedi in the Spotlight

Meet Samar Morshedi, Head of Sales and Customer Success at AI scaleup Pera. Pera revolutionizes talent identification/recruitment with innovative approaches based on language analysis & pattern recognition, which promotes an inclusive workforce.